1. Create a product such as https://numismatico.modeltheme.com/product/sponsored-ico/ and set the price for the sponsored ICO listing (paid).

2. When you edit the product you will have a link like this https://numismatico.modeltheme.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4438&action=edit Copy the ID which in our case is 4438.

3. Go to theme Panel -> sponsored listing and set the ID of the product:

4. If you already imported demo data, the pricing tables page https://numismatico.modeltheme.com/pricing-table/ should also visible in your Pages list. Edit it and set the link to the paid listing package as follows 


Replace our domain with your domain + replace the ID with your product ID.

That should be all. Now when a user has purchased that product, the very next ICO submission will be Sponsored.